Feeding a recent rescue – IHWT PIE

Pie is a little 8 month old coloured Cob who was dumped in the centre of a town in Wicklow. No owner could be found for him & as his condition was deteriorating he was taken into our Equine Centre in December 2013. He came into our rescue centre in poor body condition and suffering from a parasitic infestation. However after being assessed by our vet, he is expected to make a full recover. As part of his recovery Pie has been put on a special feeding plan.

Gain is our official feed sponsor so we contacted their Nutrition Specialist to get advice on what was the best feeding plan to give to Pie. As he had been severely undernourished it was recommended that his diet be based around high quality forage followed by gradual introduction of concentrate feed and to build up the quantities to recommended feeding rates over a period of time. There are many suitable products in the GAIN Horse Feeds range to suit Pie but the initial key to success is to feed little and often and use the most palatable products available. Youngstock Mix would be ideal to introduce once Pie is eating properly. Pie’s feeding programme will be reviewed on an on-going basis until he is nursed back to full health.

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