A Cattle Drive in Dartmoor – Aug 2020
Have you ever been on a cattle drive? Well, the IHWT is very pleased to announce a unique opportunity to go on the Dartmoor Cattle Drive next year on 23-29 August 2020. This will be a main fundraising opportunity for the charity and a rare opportunity for you to enjoy the excitement of the ONLY cattle drive in the UK.
The Ride:
This is the ONLY cattle drive in the UK and Phil and his team have been herding cattle on Dartmoor with horses for decades. They ride western on Quarter horses for their quiet easy going nature along with their agility and turn of speed needed for any uncooperative ones.
Move, muster and check cattle
At various times we invite guests to help moving, mustering and checking the cattle. Become a cowboy for a few days. ‘The fastest way to move cattle is slowly.’
Cattle respond well to being moved by horses. Horses are quiet and the cattle are used to being moved by them, the cattle are not threatened but have a natural respect for the horse. The horse walks at much the same speed as the cattle and often anticipates the cattle movements. The riders work as a team with most flanking at the sides of the herd with just a couple at the rear, and one or two at the head. Each rider will have a position and a job to do, depending on their ability.
Breath-taking scenery and views

Driving cattle is immensely satisfying, doing something that has barely changed for hundreds of years. The type of country we ride over has some breathtaking scenery and varies, through woodland, along valley bottoms, up steep inclines, down steep declines, across rivers, through rock clitter (rock strewn areas) and over hill tops, where you can look down on everything around.
The cost of the Cattle Drive is €1,350 for the actual drive with riders needing to book their own flights to and from the UK. Then we ask that IHWT rider raises a minimum of €1000 each – and more if they can. There is a maximum of 8 riders on this cattle drive.

The price includes: The Cattle Drive, Horse, Guides, Riding, Accommodation in typical Dartmoor Inns, English breakfast daily and packed lunches. Extra costs are: Flights to Exeter (or to Bristol and then bus to Exeter) or some people might like to rent a car. Dinners – lots of good pubs around. Riders need to book their own flights using a low cost airline but it shouldn’t be expensive.

Next step?
If you are interested we need to book your place with a down payment of €260 directly to Zara’s Planet, organisers of the event. Contact info@ihwt.ie to register

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