New IHWT Thoroughbred Club


The Irish Horse Welfare Trust (IHWT) is expanding its work for ex-racehorses by establishing a Thoroughbred Club aimed at supporting owners, loaners and riders of ex-racehorses and thoroughbreds generally and promoting the versatility and adaptability of ex-racehorses.

“The Thoroughbred Club will form a community of people interested in ex-racehorses and thoroughbred horses and we hope to provide more resources for people and run training clinics and shows” said Jane Myerscough Chairperson of the IHWT.

The IHWT Thoroughbred Club will sponsor a new class for thoroughbreds at the Stepping Stones to Success league run by Wexford Equestrian this spring in which horses will be judged on suitability and overall impression and not on conformation. Registration is now open and there is no cost to register.

Members of the Thoroughbred Club will receive a membership card which can be used for discounts at Thoroughbred Club events and shows and when buying products from IHWT Partners. “We are very excited about the TB Club and we encourage anyone interested in ex-racehorses and thoroughbred horses generally to get in touch with us”, Myerscough said.

The IHWT Thoroughbred Club can be contacted on 0402 30773 or by emailing;

Further information about the IHWT is available at

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