The Board of the Irish Horse Welfare Trust (IHWT) announces that their chairperson Barbara Bent has resigned. Barbara, a champion of animal welfare and charity veteran of many years’ experience, stepped into the role in February 2019 to assist with the transition to the new Board.
Barbara has worked tirelessly with the Board and CEO of the IHWT over the past 13 months to implement practical equine welfare policies and strengthen the charities procedures and governance in line with best practice, as laid out by the charities regulator.
Barbara decided to step down recently as she believes that the Board has now developed the skill-sets to drive the Trust forward and to continue its vital work of improving equine welfare in Ireland.
The Board is very sorry to see her go and wishes to extend its gratitude for her hard work during her tenure as Chairperson.
CEO Sharon Power praised her energy and passion: “Barbara worked very hard for the charity and equine welfare. She will be sorely missed and I hope that when this terrible crisis passes that we may be able to work together in the future for the betterment of equine welfare on the island of Ireland.”
The Board also wishes to thank the staff and supporters of the IHWT for their continued passion for equines and support for equine welfare improvements in Ireland. The Board will seek a new chairperson although it acknowledges this may be difficult during the current Covid-19 crisis.


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